27 Feb 2017

New digs

So life has been pretty hectic over the last year or so.  Holidays and some other fantastic personal experiences mixed with some more amazing highs and soul crushing lows.

The lows thankfully got outweighed by the highs bit there simply wasn't any reason for the lows...but that's sometimes how depression works.

Anyway last February (2016) I made the decision we were going to move much closer to my workplace. Despite a new car - being much more comfortable, didn't negate the hour-plus commute each way every day.

As we have been renting for years we never considered we'd actually buy our own home, but Colin (after 8 years in the same job) was successful in getting a new job...but not only that it was working for one of the U.K's largest sportswear retailers and it was mere miles from my own place of work.

So that settles it! We were relocating to our work locality at long last! But what started as looking to rent, turned into a search to buy after one rental viewing turned sour.

By the time September rolled around we had been to Chicago again, another successful GearBlastUK and we we're about to visit Munich for our first GearBlastEU! Most importantly though, we had the key to our own home and big plans were afoot.

Now we are five months in and the first project is almost complete....and what do you expect but the first room to be decorated but the playroom!?!

Next will be the lounge and then the hallway, bathrooms, kitchen and finally the other bedrooms.

Meanwhile I've ticked off two ambitions. I've gotten over my apprehension about swimming and can now swim whole lengths front and back, and I'm learning German.  Maybe one day I'll get in the water in a full wetsuit in Germany speaking fluently to the locals.

Anyway the reason I'm writing this post, is because I've been asked to detail how I  made the bondage table, and after writing the steps, I realised it would be best shown off in a blog post and then others can make their own.

That will be next time though so until then enjoy the few photos and wrote something.

2 Sept 2016

Boots’ Contemplative thoughts

So, GearBlast:UK.  This monster of an event that actually only exists because I was stuck for something to put my energy into one time when I was unemployed.  Now though I have a full time job and I’m definitely not alone in this venture.
2009 burnt me out and I don’t try to hide that.  We came back in 2014 with a lot of the same crew that helped put it together back in 2009, but with a different venue and a better idea of what we were doing.
I firstly want to explain the reason for the follow up blog.  I wanted to give personal thanks and to show my heart to all who want to read this.

I was tasked to do this in the first place by one of my closest friends, playmates and true kindred spirit RocketPup/ScubaCCS.  He created and coined the name ‘GearBlast’ a decade ago.  Then back in 2008 he was so impressed with my ability to host a Hallowe’en party he asked me to host a GearBlast unlike any that went before it.  So it’s down to him for giving me this purpose.
After the first event, it could have all ended there, but for one man.  Rubbiker77.  He wanted me to come back into the fold after he had been the driving force behind subsequent GearBlast:EU events during our gap.  This was the essential spark which drove the last three main events in the UK and I deeply thank him for this, he gave me the motivation to rejoin this wonderful enterprise.
Throughout all the events my husband ZX6Rlad/Colin has been my rock, he has without a doubt taken on the most responsibility from my shoulders and just ran with it.  Taking on more and more each year, the tasks that I can’t juggle, especially with regards to promoting GearBlast.  I love you with all my heart.
Another long suffering partner in this venture is Rubbot/Rubbah/Jules whom I met for the first time when he offered to help handing out promotional leaflets for the 2009 event.  He’s been a close friend ever since and he’s always pushing me to do better.  I call him my safety net for a few reasons, he word checks the torrent of words I put out there; says the stupid things on purpose because he knows what the internet is like (so I don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of having to correct typos and stupid statements) (he’s not editing this btw, totally unfiltered!) but most of all because he’s always there to support and catch me when the stress levels rise.  He’s one of the few who can diffuse an imminent explosion.  So for being protection personified, Jules you are a saint and I hope you’re always a part of my life.
More recently several good friends have offered support in various forms; Devilkink for some great ideas which have made GearBlast a richer, more complex animal, Xanto for just being a lively puppy who is always willing to help out and be so constructive and supportive (plus along with Devilkink and Rubbah collated the tunes for the night)!  Gizmoes for his experience in running events and setting up graphic identity plus his expertise in merchandising (and his patience, generosity, cake making skills, photography and (along with Trigger) for lugging so much of our crap around!!)
All the staff provided great feedback on the run up to the event and for helping to set up and just getting shit done!!!
I also want to acknowledge Andy Rossi of PupSocial who, although he wasn’t able to join us this year, was extremely supportive during setup and for allowing us to use their lighting and a few other bits.
My final (phew!) thanks are to everyone who either attended, wanted to attend or who helped to spread the word about our event.
The kind words post-weekend are what makes this all worthwhile.  I’d like to collate all the feedback for reference to remind me of why we/I do this, though it would be even better if I can share those thoughts/reviews with everyone in the world.
I’m proud to be part of this and I’m proud of every single person who made the effort to come along, get in gear and just enjoy themselves.
What I am going to summarise with is the joining force that unites us. It is the common denominator in all that we do, and that my friends is ‘GearHeart’ is it the heart for gear, the passion for gear, loving every aspect of gear and enjoying with others of a like-minded passion.
Next year and future events will be about the #GearHeart starting with a contest.  Anyone is welcome to participate, we want to see something creative which is a visual representation of the ‘GearHeart’ it can be a logo, photo, photo manipulation, video, drawing…anything as long as it is original artwork. 
The best entry will be used in the promotional material for GearBlast:UK 2017 and possibly even for all GearBlast Events.
We also want you to use the hashtag #GearHeart (Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, et al) when you recognise the creative use or expression of gear, be that artwork (photography, drawn, sculpted), created costumes, modifications, stories, poems, anything which truly reflects what it is to have the GearHeart.  I honestly think GearBlast is summed up best by these two words and I hope it becomes intrinsically linked to GearBlast.
Thank you for reading my ramblings, please feel free to react here or on FaceBook, I do love to hear your reactions!
Peace, love and gearhugs!!

19 Dec 2015

2015 in review (2/2)

2015 has so far been a very rubbery year, which is not a bad thing at all, but July was a month where Colin and I were able to indulge in getting out on our bikes, we had some great days out in the sun. July also ended with me getting into my rubber catsuit and toesocks once more and heading down south for another extended session encased in the stretchy slick black stuff.  We also helped Echo and PJ to move into their lovely new home where the seed of getting a new car was sown during a conversation with Echo.

First day of this month marked another special occasion.  After spending the night wearing my catsuit and toesocks, I readied myself for the rest of the day in the same gear.  Devilkink encouraged me to wear my catsuit on the journey down to see them as the day which followed was a day out at Brighton Pride in full rubber as a pup in a crowd of thousands!  Publicly exhibitied in my skintight rubber and puppy hood, but in a group of other rubber and leather pups plus some handlers this wa a remarkable day out in the safe company of friends.  I'm proud to say that I managed to cope with a full 24 hours in rubber though my suit did bear the brunt of the extended use with a slight failure of the ass zip.
August was going to be a busy month though, GearBlast:UK was at the last weekend of the month and because of this we would be run off our feet organising and entertaining.  The days before and after the event would generally be pervy and social but the weekend itself was a success with both nights pushing my personal comfort limits with being extrovert, but also satisfying with a munch, gear market and gear karting filling the weekend with pervy activities for over 60 guys at any one time.

Following on from August and hosting Rocket and Gadget we would continue to have pervy fun, but ultimately we would be heading to Berlin for Folsom Europe with Pup Echo and YoungPJ69.  A great sense of camaraderie was felt amongst the group as we headed to Germany.  We were all due to stay in the same apartment and would be meeting Sealskin, Tomsmith, Devilkink and Rubbot at the location.  We were amongst the last to arrive but the whole weekend was again a combination of exhibitionism, all night partying, socialising and bumping into people/rubber hooded pervs I kind of recognised but wasn't able to connect with 100%.
The comedown from all of this was terrible though, two weeks of the best friends and pervy activities was hard to get over.  Planning for 2016 was soon under way.

A less than pervy month, but one which brought the biggest purchase of my life so far.  We upgraded our main car from an 8 year old Honda Civic to a three year old Vauxhall Ampera.  Will be paying this car off for a few years now but it's saving us bucket loads in fuel (it's a range extended Electric Vehicle or 'E-rev') which we are incredibly happy with though ownership isn't without its hiccups.
Zukipup visited us for a long weekend and we enjoyed some great food and pervy pup time together.
I also got to hook up with Martinisoft (who I met and had a very pervy and intimate time with at GearBlast:USA) for a weekend of fun and fuzzyness in London.  Though I wasn't in a fursuit, it wa
s great fun meeting other furries at the LondonFurs halloween meet.  It renewed my interest in making my own fursuit and also gave me a great deal on confidence after spending a wonderful weekend with my favourite Stormy.

Another return visit to see Echo and PJ ended up with my pupped up and taking my medium tail easily for a change, then tied up in the cage whilst Colin ended up in the sling.  A great pervy weekend that would mark our last visit to the pair in 2015 sadly.  We have arranged a visit in January to pup out and attend the first Pup Social in 2016.
Unfortunately we had a couple of weekends arranged which got cancelled at the last minute, this left us with spare time we didn't know how to fill.

The final leg of the year would prove to be a little bit of a rollercoaster, with a visit from a lovely pair of pups called Zeus and Hades showing us there are some genuinely sweet and humble people that we haven't met yet.
As I write this, the rest of the year has yet to happen, but the plans include a visit from long time friend Rubbot for Christmas evening and following weekend.  Although I'm working during the following week (it had to happen at least once!) we will also be hosting Devilkink and Armalyte over the new year, with some delicious plans for food, and hopeful ones for pupping out, we shall be seeing in the new year in (semi) new gear.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and new year,  looking back over what I have done in this brief summary, I would be tempted to rattle on for pages and pages.  I set out to make this as short as I could, so if I have missed something then it's because I'm tired and wasn't intentional.

It's been good, 2016 is shaping up to be even better.

2015 in review (1/2)

2015 has been an awesome year, one of the best ever but it hasn't been without it's lows, but overall the positives have far outweighed the negatives.  I hope to concentrate on the good things!

Starting the year off I entered into a pact/competition with Devilkink to lose weight.  Our initial goal is to lose 1 stone.  The competition seemed to work well for us and we both lost a sizable chunk of excess making us both feel better about ourselves.
Also in January I attended my first Pup event, Pup Social hosted by BossBear and his team of pups which would be the seed sown for events later in the year.  Needless to say I felt a little apprehensive but eventually got pupped up and ended up really enjoying myself.  I was helped along also by Pup Echo and YoungPJ who generously allowed us to stay over.  We also enjoyed a social weekend with them planning our year ahead.

This month held news that we had to move home, so most of our spare time was taken up with finding a new place to live and get everything packed up.  Moving house is a stressful time, but now I'm commuting an extra 8+miles it could have been better, but we have a nicer home which is brand new we've settled in nicely only to constantly be thinking about moving closer to my work.
Some developments from the Pup Social revealed that good friend Devilkink wanted to become a pup handler and he only had eyes on one pup....Boots.  These talks would lead to us setting up a training session in March.

This is normally the month I celebrate my birthday but this month after revealing I was looking to be trained/handled as a pup, and Devilkink wanting to help us both become a partnership of pup and handler, this was going to fulfil a part of both our lives and become a great reason for us to both grow and push our boundaries.
Our first opportunity came with a visit to Devilkink, where I was able to get fully rubbered up, with my small tail, boxing boots and Devilkink's wet hot puppy hood, and for over five hours I was just a pup at his feet under the guidance of Redskull and Rascal pup being a model puppy for Boots.
I also received the first version of a custom made 1mm thick full coverage suit with everything attached.  I got to preview this suit on the same weekend I was able to pup out and feel like the centre of attention, it was an amazing weekend I'm very grateful for.

After the disappointment of the first custom suit not being to the spec I ordered and not being a great fit I re-ordered the suit hoping it would arrive before our scheduled holiday later in the month.  As I get my bonus in March I was busy ordering gear so, I was also due to have my own wet hot pup hood which I hope also turns up before our holiday.  I also ordered some new Knox Handroids but these arrived shortly after ordering.  I also ordered some 'Tabi' boots, knee high shiny rubber split toe boots that work really well with toesocks and are easy to wear with a rubber catsuit.
For the very first time ever in our 12 years together Colin and I had never travelled abroad, and the details were mentioned in an earlier post.  Needless to say this trip was an absolutely amazing experience which kept us both on a high for several weeks, if not months afterwards.

Upon our return from the U.S. we were enthusiastic about our travels and had Devilkink and is boyfriend Armalyte over for the weekend, but also Pup Xanto and Redskull who popped in for the day.  We had some fun pupping out and being social but Redskull also brought the bargain Arai Helmet he and two friends managed to pick up for me especially from a market in Wales.  I love this helmet more than I should, it's secondhand, chipped and I don't know if it's safe to wear but the fact it was found and transported especially for me half way across the country makes it very special to me.  It's also very horny to wear!  Later that weekend I had some special pup time with Devilkink who got me fully rubbered up and wrapped my collar around my neck and padlocked it shut with a tag identifying me as Boots and if lost to return to him.  I felt great pride at this moment and one very happy pup.
In late May we had a jaunt to Cardiff in south Wales primarily to see the Doctor Who Symphony and pup out in public for the first time as a collared pup, but before that we entertained The Irate Fox and his boyfriend Sprocketpup, a pair I have known of for many years, finally getting to meet and host them we had plenty of fun which
amongst other things I was again pupped up and forced to blow my load on all fours for the first time.
One less pervy experience was travelling for work, I had to go to Istanbul to attend a work meeting, but at least I was in a five star hotel with all my expenses paid for,
Spurred on by our vacation, plus booking hotels for a holiday later in the year I organised to visit one of my favourite playmate couples, S10boi and Rubberwulf.  I got it into my head to ride over to see them, packing as much pervy rubber gear into my backpack as possible but to save space I was going to wear my rubber catsuit and toesocks under my leathers.  This lead to a very sweaty but enjoyable ride and ended up with me being encased in rubber for a total of 21 hours.  I very much enjoyed my visit to these two pervs, only wish it could be more frequent.

I have decided to make this blog two part, but unlike other posts, I've already written part two, so it will materialise in a couple of days!

21 May 2015

Chicago Trip (1/5)

It was mentioned briefly (and I'm certain not maliciously) that my blog posts are rather 'lengthy'

I admit I tend to ramble on quite a lot, so I'm going to practice the art of succinct articles.

Buuut, our trip to Chicago and GearBlastUSA cannot possibly be summarised in such a way, so instead I've divided it up into five themes over five blogs, which should appeal in their own ways.

Food, experiences, people, play and GearBlastUSA, that is five blogs including this one!

I wanted to give an overview and a bit of background for the trip before I get into the details.

In the beginning there was a meek twentysomething guy, confused about what he really wanted, who found friends online.  One of those friends who emerged all that time ago was ScubaCCS.

The following decade would see this friendship grow (amongst others) but this friendship would result in more.  A sense of worth that gave me more perceived value in our community.  I'm talking of course about GearBlast.

ScubaCCS aka Rubcovr aka RocketPup has visited the UK several times now but the first such visit included a surprise trip to a Halloween Party (which we coined as Pervyween) which seemed to have an effect on the creator of GearBlast.  Rocket asked me to host a GearBlast in the U.K and in 2009 I did it.

That Legacy continues today with GearBlastEU and a return trip (and five year gap) to GearBlastUK in 2014.  This combination encouraged Rocket to host a standalone event in the U.S and so GearBlastUSA was born.

Meanwhile after years of chatting and encouragement to come and visit Rocket finally got the answer out of me I'd been promising for years.  I'd booked the flights and we'd be joining Rocket for GearBlastUSA.

I needed to go through all that because I wanted to highlight what a change in attitude this trip has proved in myself and shown in a tangible direction.

I'm an incredibly shy guy, but my online persona has given me the confidence to be more, to be who I truly feel I am.  GearBlast events have done this for me and it's the best feeling in the world to see it enabling others like me to push themselves further too.

As I write this, a lot of my new friends are preparing for IML and the respective GearBlast being held there.  I hope they all enjoy their time and don't easily forget us during this fun time.  Regardless of what things happen in the present, there will always be the events that have gone and the others to look forward to.

This point I'm trying to make in not too short a terms is that though the following blogs will contain thoughts and images some will aspire to, I am really just like most other guys, making their way though life with the support and feedback of friends.

Just because I am who I am right now, doesn't mean you can't have something of your own to be proud of.  Life is what you make of it and even though I say I'm lucky, I have had to force some issues beyond what fate would insist upon.  This may not make 100% sense but then if I explained I'd be rambling and long winded.

Next stop food!

28 Mar 2015

I am a lucky bastard - Giving thanks and some important news.

I have to start this blog post off with this title as there is likely to be some resentment or jealousy out there.  I'm not accusing you of being like this, but I have to set the expectations for some level of boasting in this one.  I always hope to be someone that people out in the world wide web can feel is approachable and not on some kind of pedestal for whatever reason.  I'd much rather people find out by reading these intimate thoughts and ramblings that I'm just another guy who in terms of general outlook on life has like a cat - fallen on his feet.

So I must explain I feel why I must exclaim these things, but before I do some balance.

I haven't had an easy life, I came out quite late after 26 years of denial of some sort, growing up in a Roman Catholic community, school etc where, though sexuality was discussed it was the peers who looked down on me and poked fun even before I was prepared to admit to myself my preference for men.  It took a choice of doing the unforgivable or trying to think of myself as gay.

That decision was one night in June 2003.  I remember the feelings I had like they were earlier today, and the change in me after I just said 'fuck it, I like men!' was literally (okay figuratively speaking) like a ten tonnes weight lifting off my chest.  Sadly this kind of depression has been creeping back into my life and has affected me for the worse.  I've managed to distract myself mostly and it's not easy to tell the world of my weaknesses, but they are there, so please consider this if you are one of the sad few who see me as a target you want to try and knock down a peg or two.  I've had it many times and eventually it just makes me stronger and better able to help others.

But this post isn't about my personal challenges, I'm sure if you're reading this, you've experienced similar or are going through a similar (but not exactly the same) scenario.

One thing that has been there lurking the whole time has been this interest in gear, from age 11 I remember drawing pictures and letting my mind wander, and then wondering why I had uncomfortable tenting in my pants!

Anyway, after I came out I made a few contacts online, met a few guys, and the first 'top' I met who could do lots of kinky things with me wanted me to meet his then Boyfriend.  I think I may have already told this story, but 12 years later, with five of those being legally married I'm happy to say that top never deserved my husband.  We are happier now than ever, totally devoted and determined to live our lives with each other and hopefully being kinky pensioners one day!

This is one of the reasons I'm lucky.  VERY lucky.  My husband is a biker, a rubber and gear perv who loves me dispite our differences.  We compliment each other, we are different, we are the same.

Another reason I consider myself so lucky is the friends we've made over the course of our 12 years together.  Though some friends only communicate infrequently, the true test is that after maybe a year, you can strike up a conversation and it's like no time has passed.

But more than that these friends have supported us through some rough financial times, rough physical times, and rough mental times.  Without the various friends we've had we wouldn't be where we are today.

There's still a long way to go before we can retire or have the luxuries we dream about, but then, wouldn't that be too easy?  It's about the journey, not always the destination.

Talking of destinations, one we are about to embark upon is Chicago.  12 years together and this is the first holiday abroad Colin and myself have taken and we're both so excited that words simply don't cover it.  10 of those years have been spent promising Rocketpup we will come, and I've often felt like a wet sponge always promising and never making good...until now, and we get to go to the first GearBlast:USA ever and help out too.

But this isn't the last reason I'm feeling so lucky.  I had to explain that I identify all the good things in my life and recognise those who have been instrumental, though it would take far too long to say who they all are, I hope they know that I'm thinking of them and I am grateful for their kindness.   This doesn't get said often enough, as assumptions are made, people are sensitive squishy balls of emotion so I say that everything I post online is a tribute to my friends who have given me the reason to be who and what I am.  I hope to continue making friends to corrupt, and who will corrupt me further.

No, one challenge I've faced and talked about before is surrounding my pup side.

I have always identified as a pup, The tendancies to growl when angry, The feeling of wagging when happy, The protective nature over those dear to me.  My love of meat! lol  My devotion and loyalty to close dominants have all felt natural to me when playing the part of the pup.

But frustration has been the main downside of it over the last few years, not being able to really get into the pup headspace easily or frequently enough.  Though I don the mask of a canine more often than not when playing, it was just a human wearing a dog mask and acting like a dog on occasion but not really feeling it.

The biggest call for help came last year after good friends GadgetAU and Rocketpup visited for GearBlast:UK.  Rocket put me in his own pup hood and without realising it, I slipped into the headspace without thinking.  This was a very very happy place for me and I distinctly remember 'licking' Rocket's gloves as he sat on my sofa, all I wanted to do was lick his gloves and his face because it made him happy.  Gadget and I had some special time together as pups too and it seemed to have a similar effect on him too.

Having this kind of experience has happened before but never felt so natural.  When it was all over and the guys left for home I was left with an empty place in my fetish interests again.  Something Colin and I have tried but for some reason it doesn't work.  Not for lack of trying, it's just not a dynamic that works for us.  We're both okay with it, I guess it's hard to see the man he loves and disassociate the man from hooded leather/rubber pup on all fours.

I made a post and pretty much asked for help, something I was pained over doing - opening my emotions to reveal a weakness or desire.  I got one response.  In the form of RedSkull, who offered to help when the time was right for us both.  I believe this was the start of things changing for my inner pup.

In the meantime a friendship was another friend had been growing steadily for a few years.  Another couple in the south UK had welcomed us into their home, we'd played, shared some amazing times both in and out of gear mutually enjoying the exploration of new sensations, and the exciting kinky aspects of our collaborative minds both kinky and socially.

It was great that we could connect on many levels, but the pup side hadn't really been a big thing....yet.

But things changed in early 2015 (well late 2014, new years eve I suppose) where the couple from down south spent the new year with us, One of them enjoys being a pup in the most wide variety of gear, the other just a complete gear perv for leather and rubber.

Jimbo (Armalyte) who we had met back in 2009 met Devilkink and their relationship blossomed and these are the gentlepervs who welcomed us and vice versa.  Devilkink and myself discovered we had similar issues with our self image and right there decided to challenge ourselves to lose weight so we could feel better about ourselves.  The challenge is working, and together we have lost over a stone between us.  Spurred on by GadgetAU's transformation from slightly chubby young man to an increasingly sexy pervert.

In the meantime, the stars aligned.

2015 was already shaping up to be an amazing year, and to get it off to a great start I decided I was going to be brave and attend the Pup Social at Bolts club in Birmingham, January 2015.  I am not one to get pupped up in such an open setting but I braved the crowd and got out onto the floor on all fours.

I got some brief training from Redskull and simply didn't care about anyone else watching me, my only focus was RedSkull's eyes and the treats he had for me.

My husband was standing with Devilkink at this time and it seems that Devilkink had decided to become a trainer and had a certain pup in his sights.

When he suggested that he wanted to train me, and that I would be a good pup to help him become a better trainer, I knew in my heart it was the perfect combination.  My pup soul jumped for joy tail wagging furiously.

As a gear perv and bondage freak I thought it was all about getting tied up in gear and controlled.

For the first time I knew what it was to be a pup.  I wanted to make him happy, I wanted him to be proud of me.  I knew the coming weeks and months would lead to some pervy conversations but more than that I wanted to let our friendship as humans grow, but also try to compartmentalise our mutual love of pup play and take advantage of any opportunity we would have.

Our significant others also felt this was the right choice.  Jimbo, liked the idea of one of his own mates being his long time boyfriend's pup, and my husband felt one of his closet friends is more than suitable for the job of looking after me in pup mode.  I am humbled that all involved have allowed this to happen.  I feel truely loved to be given this opportunity to grow as a pup.

Since this unison we've only had one real opportunity to play due to normal life getting in the way, but it's still early days in 2015 (he says as we enter the second quarter - blimey!!) but that weekend was a landmark time as RedSkull joined us once more to support Devilkink, and Rascalpup came along to help Boots with a reference of what another Human pup was like - who felt comfortable in his own pupsona.

The net result was the longest I've ever been pupped up.  Though it was a conscious thing to begin with, once I'd settled into the role, I could relax.  I did have to consciously push myself to relax and switch my human mind off.  Once I was able to relax I was played with, playing fetch, and 'find the glove' (to which Rascal helped me out with - shhh) plus various treats which made me feel messy being forced to eat without use of my hands (trapped in rubber paw mitts) and my tailplug secured for the whole duration.

5 hours flew past like hardly any time at all, which made coming out of the headspace difficult as I really didn't want to stop.  It was a comfortable, pervy, blissful time and I really am looking forward to the next training session.

Losing weight also helps my confidence.  I've always been 'bigger' than average, but for the first time in my life I'm keen to do my best for Devilkink.  Both as a friend and as his pup.

I am proud to be Devilkink's pup, and proud to be his friend.  Things can only get better.

For this I am extremely lucky.  Thank you C, J, W, R, C for all you did that weekend for me.  Thank you everyone else in playing your part in me being me, good or bad I wouldn't change anything at all.

The final words are, that though I will be travelling to Chicago and to attend GearBlast:USA I do so as myself with the blessing of my handler to just be myself.  Devilkink doesn't own me, but he will be collaring me under his tuition.  This is a relationship between good friends and a pup and his handler, mutual respect lays here.

This may be complicated to hear, but the important thing is we're good with it.  If you want to know more, please feel free to ask.

And with that I bid you all a goodnight and Squeaky hugs *wags* WRUFF!!

28 Dec 2014



It all started on Facebook of all friggin' places.  As with many things on the internet and its myriad of networks; where friends and friends of friends point out new and exciting things.

It turned up on my hubby's 'like' notification on my homepage.  What I saw my me drool virtually and I almost made a pool of the goop in real life had I not remembered to swallow.

What I saw was a group of what I assume were guys posing for a photograph.  They were representing a video game but every one of them was clad in similar full coverage suit that made them all look rough, tough and extremely pervy, some kind of Space soldier from a video game covered in armoured panels and sporting a heavy helmet with tubes sprouting from the cranium with each guy having a slightly different design and colour but all clearly borne of the same design DNA. 

What followed were the usual comments about wanting one of the suits or all of them as in my hubby’s case) with replies to comments about finding them, researching them and trying them on.

I guess someone was watching our conversations as later on that day I got a mail from a totally unknown member called 'MCsuiter'.

Hi James, I noticed your comments on my photograph and couldn't help but browse your photos too and I really think we have a common attraction to gear.  I'm visiting the UK next month to prepare for an exhibition within the Games Expo at the Science Museum in London, and as I specialise in these displays, I thought maybe you could bring along some biker gear and in return for letting me try of your gear on, I could let you have your pick of my suits?


I replied with a very positive response and couldn't wait to go into the city to actually go and try one of these awesome looking suits on.

Over the next few days I spent most of my time looking for some more of Phil's productions. He has pictures on forums and websites and seems to represent the game internationally when it comes to setting up the models and the general displays.

In the coming few weeks I can't help but mention my fascination to my hubby Colin who wants to join me, so I ask Phil if he can come along and he says that 'it would be incredible to have you both suited up at the same time' and that means we have a weekend of gear fun is settled upon.

The Friday before the trip, Colin and I get our gear on and pack a few extra items into our bags ready for the ride down to London, excited to be going down, minds racing about the weekend ahead.

Now usually I'm a sucker for gear AND bondage but nothing of that sort had been mentioned thus far, and knowing some costumers over time has lead me to not asking about such things, as Bondage activities tend to be quite harsh to the costumes themselves; so I wasn’t going to assume, and besides, I'm quite happy to just wear the gear and do a bit of posing for the camera.

The ride into the city on the warm summer night was fun as we were both leathered up, me with my spare T-age suit wrapped up carefully, boots, gloves and some rubber gear in a bag with the minimal of overnight attire (I like to sleep naked perversely!) and some toiletries, whilst Colin took the spare helmet and some other bits and pieces.

We reached our hotel and got the bikes secured, then headed to our room to unpack.  I texted Phil to let him know we were in town but alas no reply....maybe he's busy with work.

The night in the hotel was restless due to my excitement and I wondered what the next day would entail.

Chats with Phil had given me no clue about the man himself, but my excitement had quelled my curiosity of him.  I do like to get to know someone well online before meeting them, but Phil had appeared to be a bit of an enigma, likeable but overall short on details which I put down to the time delay being on different continents and him being a busy man too.  Artistic guys I've noticed tend to be sporadic in their communication...I know this because I'm the same....the result of being of the personality type to feel inspired and not regimented so much, so all things considered my curiosity was dampened by excuses that I fabricated on my own.

The morning brought a lovely day, and Colin and I had some breakfast in a local cafĂ©.  Just as we were finishing up, my phone rang: Phil was calling me...

'Hi Phil' I answered with.
'Hi James, good to hear your British accent, I was wondering how regional you'd sound but I can understand you quite well...hahaha...' Phil responded in his sexy American drawl.
'We're just finishing our breakfast up so will be ready to meet once we've picked the necessary bits up from our Hotel mate' I informed Phil, to which he suggested;
'Well I'm just about to bring the van from the warehouse, so if you want I can drop by and pick you guys up, save you getting the 'tube' heheh'
I realised Phil was trying to impress by using our terminology for the underground train network, which I think he'd usually call the subway.
'hehe sure Phil, we'll be about ten minutes and can be ready' I responded.
'Great, James. I'll pick you and Colin up from the front of the hotel. Look out for a Silver Transit and I'll see you both shortly' Phil hung up and I gave Colin a wink as I finished my Coffee.

Five minutes later, we were back in our room and lugging our bags down the stairs.  At reception, the guy behind the counter feigned not seeing us dragging more bags out than we brought in (our own riding gear had been packed up too) and we left the hotel and stood at the layby on the frontage of the grey building.

A few moments later, a silver grey Transit pulled up and a handsome salt and pepper haired guy jumped out athletically and ran up to us, engine left running as he looked Colin in the eyes and went in for a big bear hug without another word.

Colin looked surprised but reciprocates the hug anyway.

Phil said, as he comes to hug me too, 'It's great to meet you guys, I've been a, a fan for a few years now' and blushed at this revelation, which in turn made me blush too.  Colin took the news in his stride, and just dragged his bag to the back of the van and I followed, unsure of how to respond to Phil's sudden news.

Both bags were slung into the back of the van and I caught a glimpse of some wooden crates in the back, leaving just enough room for our bags to neatly fit in the space left.

Jumping into the passenger’s side, we strapped in and Phil did the same before setting off to the Museum.

We arrived, and Phil showed his passes to security. We drove up the service road getting a view of the Science museum that very few people get to see.

A large set of shutters ahead were open and Phil waved to some guys unloading a similar van with what looked like power cables: maybe sound and lighting equipment from what I could tell.

Phil manoeuvred the van carefully past the guys, and in through the shuttered door before reversing the vehicle up to another set of doors.

'Hey, Phil! You and your mates sorted for Lunch?' bellowed another American accent.
'Don't worry about us John, we'll sort ourselves out' Phil shouted back, 'we'll be going into the creative suite straight away', to which I saw the two men giving knowing nods....I guessed this meant to leave us alone now.

Colin and I jumped out to see a half empty unit carpeted with red flooring and huge banners already pinned up on the walls reflecting the video game graphics that Phil had apparently worked on previously.

Several large wooden crates sat along either side of the walls, and in the middle appeared to be a stage with what appeared to be a fake rock sculpture which I recognised as being the set for the photo I originally saw on Facebook.

Phil, I realised, is watching us both take everything in and I smile back at him and his response was a cute chuckle.  I looked over at Colin who said 'So horny, the suits in those posters are fuckin' hot!' as he rubbed his clearly visible trouser tent.

'hehehe, well you'll both be looking like them shortly' Phil intimated to Colin, and gave me a sly glance.


Phil starts unpacking his gear and we assist him, chatting as we go. He tells us about the different suits, the time they took to make and how he'd been working making costumes like these for the last 12 years: each and every suit getting more detailed and complex, these being his current favourites.

Phil takes out the promo shot we saw on Facebook and asks which ones we'd like to try on.  I gaze at the pic like it's the love of my life....the real love of my life gazing at the picture too and turns it more toward him. 

'Is it ok if I try on the orange one?' Colin asks Phil with excited bright eyes, to which he responds and says
'It might be a little large for you Colin, it would suit James more, but you're welcome to try it on. The grey one would be more your size: I'd like to see you in that at some point' Phil grins toothily and winks at Colin.

'I'd like to try the green one, Phil, then we can swap over and try the other ones in a little while' I suggest.

Phil looks over his costumes, agrees to this plan and glances at the bags we brought along with us.

'I'll wear the slate grey one whilst Colin wears the orange one, but I'll have to make a couple of adjustments first.  James, you wear the green one.  They all use the same undersuit which you'll both enjoy.' Phil grins again and winks at me. 'I made these suits this year as I felt the spaces between the armoured plates were letting the look of the whole costume down. These suits are made from a base layer of latex rubber, but it's very thick and has some bits of shiny foam latex attached to the parts which can be seen between the armour. Once the armour is on, it looks like a very hi-tech suit covering you totally not a single bit of skin is visible, and believe me, it feels incredible.  They also have some access panels, hehehe' Phil finishes as he pulls an undersuit out of a nylon bag and holds it up for me to take. 

At this point I realise the undersuit is very heavy and is all in one, hiding every single feature; my cock almost explodes at the thought of wearing this on its own!  My mouth drops open at getting to wear this suit and I notice Colin, to my side, going in to have a feel of the material.

'Oh    my    god! That is so pervy! hehehe' Colin giggles and looks bright eyed at me and excited at getting to wear the same.

Phil hands me some silicone lube and tells me that there is a comfortable changing room through the door behind me, and to shower with 'this', as he hands me an unmarked bottle of shower gel before getting into the undersuit.

I take the two bottles, the suit and grin back at Phil as I turn around and pad toward the door to get changed.

I take my civvies off, and get into the shower room which is a tiled wetroom. I place the suit carefully on the bench in the dry section of the room with the lube to one side.  I stride into the wet half, taking the anonymous shower gel with me.

I start soaping myself up and get a good lather going, getting every bit of me covered with this luxurious foam, working it through my hair and into every crevice, when the water suddenly stops coming out.

Frantically tugging on the faucet, trying to get some water to come out of the shower head, I go to wipe the foam from my eyes when I start to feel my skin tingling and I think 'what the hell?' I wipe some foam from my thigh to find my skin hairless and baby smooth.  The tingling increasing as time goes on, I go to open the shower room door but find there is no handle, when I hear behind me the clunking sounds of water coming through pipes and I decide to return to the wet half of the room before the water stop again.

The water returns, and I manage to get all the foam off my skin, gradually revealing the body I'm familiar with but now completely hairless; including my eyebrows!

I look down and see my cock throbbing at the sensations. I have a little smile to myself and go in search of any stray hairs.

I decide to have another round of foamy soap action, giving myself a good going over, getting right into my ass crack, and giving under my arms and my whole head a thorough scrubbing with the gel.

I rinse off and feel squeaky clean with a raging hard-on drooling slime from its single opening.

I notice a pull cord and look up to see 'drier' labelled above, so I give the cord a yank and warm air gusts from semi-concealed vents to rid my body of wetness.

I fold my clothes up neatly, and proceed to examine the rubber undersuit more closely; noticing the zipper pulls going across the shoulders only, providing a secure fit for the wearer, considering I'd have to get the hood on by stretching the neckseal over my head first.

I squirt the lube into the shoulder opening, down the arms, body, down into the legs and into the hood too.  I zip the suit back up and fondle it, rubbing my body, now devoid of hair, up against the slick shiny material; I ensure the lube is well distributed around the suit's interior.

Unzipping the suit I feel a shudder run up my spine with the excitement of putting this suit on.

Plonking my bare naked ass down on the bench, I begin sliding my feet down into the suit together, feeling the cold slippery interior running almost motionless up my lower torso.

My feet pop into the form-fitting thick rubber socks/boots with a squelch, which then grasps my ankles in a secure grip when I wiggle my toes, feeling the lube squelching between my toes I realise they are separated with internal webs not visible from the outside yet the soles are soft and spongey like Dunlop Purofort boots, thick soles cushioning my feet beautifully.

My shock at these facts cause my cock to react once more and I wonder how many more surprises Phil has in store.....

I pull the rest of the suit up my body with ease, the tightness of the suit belying the thickness as it comes to hug my body and present itself like it's alive.

I thread my paws down into the arms as easily as I fed my legs in, and my hands pop into the awaiting rubber gloves which seem to fit my hands perfectly.

I grasp my hands together, enjoying the sensation of the rubber coating my body, when my chin inadvertently twangs on the edge of the suit where the hood is hanging...

I grasp the edge of the suit with both my freshly rubbered hands and stretch the opening carefully enough to allow me to position my head through the opening.

Once past the hard zipper edge, I take a deep breath and my head shoots through the tunnel of rubber that is the neck portion of the suit to find its new home within the form fitting hood.

My cock straining inside the thick rubber unable to gain much extra space as the rubber is so thick and unyielding, so instead it finds a new position more upright than before and continues to throb of its own accord.

I adjust the eyeholes of the hood and then ponder how to get the suit zippered up and closed finally, contemplating how this already incredible feeling suit will feel once I'm fully sealed inside.

I turn around whilst gazing in awe at my new encapsulated form to see Colin holding his own suit at the door with Phil behind him holding his finger to his lips instructing me to be quiet about the shower gel.

Colin knows exactly what to do and starts groping my crotch, making my writhe and gyrate.

He grasps the zipper pull and yanks it closed with a hefty motion and I feel the suit readjust itself around my shoulders and encapsulates me further, seemingly making the suit feel as if it is part of me.

Phil motions me to come out and says 'Okay Colin, it's all yours'. As I turn to look back at Colin, Phil grabs my arms and leads me away, as the self closing door closes gently behind me, trapping Colin in the shower room, which he is yet to realise.  I don't think he's going to be as happy as me at losing his hair and I regret not telling him what was about to happen.

Phil looks at me and smiles a reassuring grin that reminds me this is going to be fun...as if the suit I was in was causing me any doubt! 


'Don't worry James, your hair will grow back, and I have a lotion you can use to ease regrowth of hair for when you get back home, for both of you of course.' Phil calmly rests his hand on my shoulder to help comfort me and calm my nerves.

Phil then motions me to sit on a stool amongst a load of boxes and a tool chest. Delving into a box on a trolley, he pulls out some extra black foam latex pieces and lines them up with certain parts of my body; neck, inside of my elbows, back of my knees, abdomen, and the insides of my thighs, gluing them in place as he goes.

Taking his time, he ensures the pieces line up with the slightly thinner panels of foam latex that are already part of the latex undersuit.

'The last few parts to add on might concern you, but don’t worry, James, they are necessary to help site the armour pieces properly. First are some lenses to go over your eyes, and then a gasket around your oral/nasal area.'

I nod and grin in approval as Phil carefully sets the eyepieces, which I realise are tinted, into position one by one.  As the second one is fitted, I notice they are different coloured tints to each other.  I go to ask Phil why, but he tells me to 'shh', as he brings the oral/nasal gasket up and positions it on my hooded face.

Once glued in place, Phil stands back and looks me up and down.  Smiling, he walks off toward the shower room and says that Colin must be about ready to be zipped up too.

I go to follow him and he responds 'That's ok, James, you stay there. I'll bring Colin out'

I turn my head to see Colin appear, rubbing his crotch enthusiastically, completely clad head to toe in shiny black rubber.  I'm overjoyed to see how the suit has affected him too and to see that familiar body shape clearly enjoying its encasement.

Phil leads Colin over to me, and he looks me up and down too, wanting to reach out and grab his perverted rubber clad husband.

Phil returns to me, and offers up the first piece of my green suit of armour. He positions the lower leg pieces onto my suit, lining up perfectly with the undersuit - I can see why they were designed so specifically.

Each part of the armoured suit encases my body even further, and like a clamshell, each part opens on a hinge and clips shut again, appearing to be seamless.

My rubber clad body is then slowly transformed, limb by limb, and then my torso is then clad in armour, leaving just my hooded head free of a hard exterior.

Phil hands me some armoured shorty gloves, which I slip on over the top of the rubber ones, ensuring my body is now convincingly looking like a space soldier from the game.

Last piece to cover me is the helmet, which Phil then reveals it comes in two parts.  The front piece is positioned first and lines up with the gasket to form a respirator within the helmet, and then the rear is clipped on sealing my head inside.

I tentatively go to rub my crotch, when Phil grabs my hand and tells me not to get too horny as I might scratch the paintwork.

I let out a whiney moan of rampant horniness as my cock under the rubber strains for attention.  The painted codpiece insulating the soft (and hard) tissue behind it leaves most everything to the imagination.

Phil then walks me to the stage, tells me to crouch and hands me one of the prop laser guns from his 'weapons' crate.  He directs me on how to hold it and tells me to maintain the pose.

Phil then returns to Colin, who's been watching all this time getting excited in his rubbery suit knowing that what he saw me go through would be happening to him shortly.

Phil then works on Colin too, coating him in the orange suit that I'll be wearing later on.  I watch as I see the rubber clad form of my husband disappear into the armour, just as he saw me do, and I feel blood rush to my cock even more if it was possible and I’m certain I'm oozing pre-cum at this sight of my love being encased, which I then realise is nigh on impossible to remove by ourselves.

Colin is then lead to the set where I am, straining to stay in one place all this time.  Phil directs me to stand up, assisting and positioning me and Colin in poses that reflect the game characters poses from his original promo picture.

Phil then takes a myriad of photos and then stands right in front of us both with a remote control device.

'You'll both like this!' Phil states as he pushes a button. As air is fed directly into the undersuits, cooling our bodies all over, and I feel the sensations running up and down my spine, down my arms, legs and over the top of my smooth head, I almost feel as though the rubber is contracting more onto me as it cools.

'We're going for a promo walk now guys, I forgot to mention I am kidnapping you both to help sell the game in the local Game store.' Phil grins and motions for us to both follow him.

We are then lead out of the unit and into the loading bay where Phil’s two colleagues are still working on the lighting and sound equipment,

'Are we ok to move in and do our install now, Phil?' John enquires

'Yup, we'll be back in about three hours, so don't worry I'll lock up tonight' Phil replies 'follow me, guys. You'll just be standing in the store for most of that time, but you mustn’t say a thing whilst there, stay in character and I assure you once we get back here, I'll be the one treating you as a thank you for good work. Remember, no groping or pervy stuff! hehehe' Phil finishes and walks toward a door which is framed in light leading to the outside world.

Phil opens the door and walks out into the sun, seemingly drenching him in light. It's only now I realise that it's still daytime: it feels like we've been suiting up for hours already.

I then hear a crackle in my ear, and Phil tells me to walk slowly and with heavy purposeful steps, looking around as if there are enemy snipers around.  I begin to get into character as I head toward the doorway.

I start my acting career as I'd always hoped, fully clad and anonymous. I reach the doorway and timidly look out and see a few people in the alleyway who happen to look over and smile, seeing me in character.

I continue to walk out and can feel Colin’s presence behind me as we walk along the public street, being gawped at in our armoured suits.

The walk to the Game shop gets gradually busier with more people looking, kids running up but being stopped by Phil who chaperones us along, continually keeping us moving through what now appears to be crowds gathering around us.  Hundreds of eyes now looking us up and down, examining the suits, not possibly knowing the truth underneath, the perverts contained within, the throbbing cocks straining for attention.

I hear some passers by calling us Storm Troopers, Space Troopers, Space men, Bikers (lol), and even some funny guys quoting Pulp fiction 'bring out the Gimps' I almost cream myself at that point.

We eventually make it to the game store, where a line of young (and not so young) guys and some girls had gathered to purchase the game itself, now being treated to seeing the main characters walking past them and to the head of the queue.

Entering the shop, Phil directs us into position, and we stand there either side of a specially set up set piece, where over the next two hours hundreds of people have their pictures taken with us and a multitude of people purchasing the game all want to get a closer look at us.

Every now and again, I feel Phil fiddling with my helmet I’m trapped wearing, and he says that I need to drink and that there is a straw inside the mask that I should suck on.  A cool refreshing liquid sweet in taste is greedily slurped up and I feel content and refreshed.

Closing time for the shopcame, and we get led back along the route we took earlier on, only this time there seem to be even more crowds, only this time they are slightly inebriated and more willing to ask us questions and to poke fun at our outfits which only serves to make me even more horny knowing how anonymous I am and protected I feel, invincible!

We reach the Museum finally and I start to feel a sense of relief of being allowed out of what now feels like a cumbersome outfit.

We reach the unit from another entrance this time and Phil motions for us to both sit and relax.  More nutrient drinks are given to us both and Phil asks 'Are you ready for round two?'


I look to Colin and see his helmeted head nod enthusiastically.  I contemplate it and realise I no longer feel so cumbersome, that nutrient drink is amazing.

I nod to Phil too, and he leads us both to the area where we were geared up in our armour earlier.

Phil expertly unclips the clamshell armour and packs them away carefully in their respective boxes piece by piece.

'James, I decided you should wear this Black suit next not the orange one' and pulls out the chest piece, covered in silver marks like battle scars with dents and scratches designed to give the impression of a hard fought battle in the armour.  Well used and actually turning me on immensely.

'It's my latest creation and is based on the 'Tank' character from the game' Phil continues, so I tell him I don't need any more convincing.

Colin and I both stand there, still suited up in full rubber, whilst Phil gets me geared up first.

Again the armour is positioned, only this time it seems to be much stronger and heavier than before, this time requiring tiny screws to keep it closed around my body parts for some reason.  I don’t feel the need to question Phil’s production techniques but I must admit being screwed into this suit is turning me on even more!

Phil gradually encases my legs and feet in the gorgeous looking armour plates, then my arms and hands too.  The gloves this time are fully enclosing hard pieces with a spongy or rubbery interior which feels amazingly sexy but completely devoid of sensation.

Phil continues to clad my body in the new body panels, again much larger than before so I feel more enclosed this time, the shoulder plates coming up giving me the look of an extremely well built guy but feeling so confined in the form fitting armour at the same time.  It just feels bulky and secure kind of like some American football pads I’ve worn before, but even more padded and less flexible but certainly heavier.

Phil asks me to lean forward so he can fit the helmet, and as he does so he tells me he's modified this helmet especially for me.

I look into the dimly lit front of the helmet to see a device which looks like a gumshield and some nostril tubes!  As the front of the helmet is moved closer, I also see the gumshield has upper and lower parts and a tube in the centre too.

I wriggle my face into the form fitting shell and gobble the gumshield up, seating my teeth into their new homes. The nostril tubes find their way past the hood nose holes and into my awaiting nostrils inside.  I hear a hiss as I breathe and feel the resistance of a gasmask seal and valve processing my air.

The rear part of the helmet shell is then positioned over the back of my head and the screws fastened tightly to trap me completely in the suit with a satisfying finality.

Phil looks through the iridium visor of my helmet and asks how I'm feeling?  All I can do is give a growl of approval and thumbs up in the bulky hardshell gloves encasing my hands.

Phil then attends to Colin, and I watch this time as he treats him to exactly the same processes and I see just how amazingly horny these suits are, only this time in slightly shorter, grey paintwork.

I then see Phil turn to me again and notice that Colin doesn't have a hardshell codpiece fitted and I remember Phil did nothing to my groin area either.

'Remember I said I'd treat you both for a good day's work? Well here's your treat' and he opens up his play box containing several pieces of medical equipment.

My eyes widen as I recognise some of the bits he has in the top of his box.

Phil walks up to me and looks into my visor and asks 'I know you want this pup' then grabs the front of my helmet and pumps a hidden bulb to inflate a bladder hidden in the gumshields, quickly filling my mouth and pushing my cheeks against the insides of the heavy rubber hood, further held in place by the padding of the strong shell of my helmet.

He then fiddles with the helmet further and I feel the nostril tubes reach further into my nasal cavity, making my eyes water.   I can smell poppers coming through the tubes, and I relax, feeling incredibly horny, my heart pounding in my ears and my blood rushing to fill my cock, my fears residing and the pervy pleasure of being held inside layers of gear encasing me totally, trapped, unable to escape and compressed from almost every single angle, well just need some sexual attention and I’ll be a happy contented pup, safe to return home tomorrow satisfied.

Phil then wheels out a weird looking metal contraption that looks a little like a cross between a wheeled clothes rail and a pilliory or set of stocks, but the holes seem too large for a human.

Well not a normally clad human anyway.  Made up of several foam padded bars hinged at one end, Phil unlatches and opens the top bar, leaving the lower bar ready to receive a victim.

Phil then stands in front of me and points his remote control at me and suddenly I can see myself.  I hadn't really given much thought to him being a wearer of glasses howver he must have a hidden camera in the rims wirelessly connected up to a display inside my helmet.  All I can see is the view he's got of me, and hot damn what a sight I make!

Phil leads me over and tells me to spread my legs and kicks the inside of my feet forcing me to spread my legs uncomfortably apart.

He then directs me to tilt forward at my waist, which forces my upper body to almost lie on top of the padded bar.  He guides me forward and pushes down to locate the top of the chest armour into the specially designed slots which then hold my upper body solidly.

The top bar is then brought down and is located in the back half of the armour, covering my back and shoulders and, once the open end of the bar is positioned and locked down, it feels like it compresses my body further.

A second set of smaller padded bars are used to hold my arms forward and yet another set are brought around my lower legs and knees to hold me in the prone position....now I know that leaving my crotch area without armour plate was for a good reason.


Phil walks around me, surveying the sight before him and begins to unzip the rubber suit in order to reveal my pink flesh beneath.  The suit being so thick requires a special design for the crotch area, with a zip encircling the parts to be given attention plus a little more to allow good access to my most sensitive parts.

The panel is then peeled away, revealing how sticky the inside of the suit was beginning to get.  My skin sticking and stretching almost like the rubber is glued in place.

After donning a set of rubber gloves Phil then begins to smear cool silky lube around my arsehole. He takes a buttplug with a tube coming out of both ends and a handpump to inflate it, lubes it up, and places it on the trolley next to him.

He then smears lube over his hands and lifts a finger up to my awaiting sphincter and begins to push his finger in.  I feel overloaded at this feeling as I can feel what he's doing it as he's doing it all whilst seeing it from his point of view.

I see him squirting lube above my arsehole, letting it dribble down and lube his other fingers as he then inserts a second finger, then a third slowly, working my arse muscles all the while I see him working on this almost unrecognisable form but I have no doubt it's me in there.

I see him go for a fourth finger and a thumb goes to go in too as I clench up in response, Phil reaches for his remote and I detect a large dose of poppers entering my respiratory system and I detect a slight whirring sound then a click.

Phil looks up to get a view across my back and I can just about see an armoured panel going up and down....could it be an airspace built into the suit?  A rebreather system?  Oh crap I'm trapped in a breath control suit and I can't escape!

His hand slips into my arse and I see his hand has gone into me fully, I can't believe I'm being fisted, I didn't agree to this!  He then grabs the buttplug and defty inserts it right after withdrawing his hand and it goes in without resistance.

He immediately pumps the retaining balloon and I feel it filling my anal cavity completely, stretching my insides to their limit.

I see Phil detach the hand pump and screw an airtight valve onto the plug before he then stands up, leaving me squirming in the pleasure/pain sensations of having my arse muscles stretched to their limit.

My ass muscles throbbing, and cock now dripping, clearly he's doing something right.

Phil gets to the sink and removes his gloves, scrubs up and swaps for some more clean rubber gloves.  He walks back to a trapped Space soldier, takes some sterile lube in a syringe and proceeds to inject it down my Urethra, which makes me squeal into my gag but little noise is made.

Next he takes a long piece of tubing I recognise as being a catheter and starts feeding it into my cock.  I can see and feel it travelling into me slowly, and eventually pressing against my prostate gland.  Phil waits a few moments for the pressure to release and the cath' slides into me fully and I feel like I want to piss soo badly.

Phil then completes the catheter installation, fixing it in place by filling the internal balloon with saline, wipes up and fits a sterile black rubber sheath over the whole lot, including my balls.

Phil then wraps a 2" ball weight around my rubber encased ballsack and then another steel ring around the outside of my cockhead, compressing my cock and balls, I’m certain I can feel pinching inside both rings of steel.

Suddenly my vision goes black and all I can feel is Phil tugging and fiddling with my rear end, I can only think that his devious plan is some kind of surprise for me.  I feel the rubber panel being fitted once more and after some tugging around I'm fully sealed in again but my cock feels like it's pointing downward! Nooo! I can't cope with that! Fucking Bastard!  I’ll never be able to cum with my cock pointing in that direction!!

My vision comes back on again and there for sure is my rubber clad arse again, but this time showing no pink flesh, as I thought as Phil holds up the crotch panels and fits them over my rubber clad groin, then fixes them in place with the little screws that seals the armour and therefore the suit and everything contained within onto (and into) my body.  I'm totally at his mercy now, I had no idea just trying on this suit would entail such perverted internal plumbing!

Phil then switches my sight back to my own vision, releases me from the stocks, and then leads me over to the stage in the middle of the room once more. He passes me a much larger laser gun and positions me on the pedestal, moving me around like a mannequin, lifting my elbows, raising my chin, turning my head, moving my fingers to grab the trigger, realigning my feet to give a more secure stance, spreading my legs more and then finally standing in front of me with that big grin.....the grin that says he REALLY enjoys his job.

He grabs the remote control once more and I just assume he's going to switch my vision off but no.  He pushes a button and nothing happens.  Or at least I think nothing has happened.

I see him lift the remote to his mouth and speak into it, as his voice crackles into my ears.

'Try moving James' he suggests

I try to move my arms, shoulders, I can feel a little movement within the suit but the suit itself is solid, I'm motionless to the outside world.

'I can see a tiny bit of movement, but that is only because I know where to look.  I can divert your air at the touch of a button, a failsafe will ensure you won't suffocate, and a neat feature allows the air you exhale to pump up certain individual bladders within the suit.'  Phil informs me as he pushes a button, and true to his word, I feel my chest being compressed by a bladder inside the chest armour, and then the same on the back after a few more breaths, then my legs, my arms, then my head and finally my buttplug.

'Enjoying that aren't you?' Phil said with the biggest grin yet.
'Almost finished...I have programmed your air to be tained with a variety of stimulants such as poppers and Nitrous Oxide to be given to you at intervals that co-incide with either electro, vibration, enema and bladder irrigation or any combination of the above plus a nutrient feed which will be fed to you through the tube in your gag.' Phil continues.

'You will be fed the piss that is collected from you too, and you WILL endure this for the duration of the exhibit, which is quite short..... five days.  At least that will allow the glue I used instead of lube to wear off.  So you see, even if you wanted out of that rubber suit, you couldn’t get out if you tried. It's stuck fast to your body by now, it was touch and go with your crotch panel I almost thought it had set but we were lucky this time, glad I added more before zipping you back up, give it a few more hours and you’ll be very well secured down there.  I will allow you some periods to stretch but you won't be getting out of that suit for a while now.

'Oh, and If you're wondering about Colin, he's enjoying a little video I put together, totally aware of what I've done to you, he's been watching your transformation.  You see, we know it's your fantasy to be held like this and I've made it possible with Colin's help.  He isn't actually glued into his suit, we only made you think that.  He hasn't lost any of his hair either, but he will enjoy seeing you used as an exhibit, being seen by thousands of people not realising the constant state of hornyness you'll be in! hehehe' Phil says as he starts walking away pushing the button to begin the program.

Phil walks back up to me. All he can hear is a soft groan and he smiles.  Colin appears in my line of sight and waves his cute little wave at me and blows a kiss and smiles sweetly. Both he and Phil leave for a meal and to get a good night’s rest.


The electro in my ass begins to jolt me and the catheter in my cock vibrates to the same tune as I feel my balls being tugged and my air slowly being shut off.  Electro shocks getting stronger and stronger with no air I want to scream but can't due to the gag.  All I can think of is 'how did I get myself into this situation?' and then just before I'm about to panic, the pressure on my mask releases and I get a lungful of poppers heavy air and I almost choke, but the poppers take effect quickly and calm me down, only to feel the electro go up another level or two - harder and faster, deeper, all I can think of is how I’m trapped, unable to escape, kept on the edge of hornyness and can do nothing about it.

The program continues all night long, not allowing a moment of peace: the continuing torment of electro and poppers with breath control and total loss of control over my bowels, breathing and hornyness.

I can't cum as my cock is, I assume, locked in chastity too, but allowed to throb and swell inside its prison, but pointed down uncomfortably.  I’m allowed brief rest breaks when I feel liquid entering my mouth, which I swallow as best I can, only to find it’s warm and salty every other time, or sweet and kinda sickly on the other times.

After several cycles of electro and flushing I realise that Colin is stood in front of me again but now wearing biker gear but minus his usual helmet.

'Ok pup, you've had a hard night but I'm sure you've enjoyed it, time for sleep now, we'll wake you up in a few hours, love you babe' and with that Colin kisses his gloved hand and touches my visor. 

My visor goes black and I can only think of how I won’t be able to sleep in this position, only to then find my hearing is becoming echoed and the familiar sweet smell of nitrous being introduced to my air soon has me unconscious until the sleeping pills that were mixed into my piss earlier take effect.

Several hours later, I'm awoken by the gentle vibrations in my arsehole again and slowly my vision is restored to see the view from a camera getting an overall view of the unit with me plus Colin and Phil working on getting the other mannequins dressed in the other outfits from the game.

Two mannequins had already been placed either side of me as John and Rick are placing the lighting and sound displays around me they are finishing the display.  Several other guys I don't know are setting up consoles around the edge of the unit, and a few other people are setting up food and drinks for guests.  More posters and boards are being erected, and walls moved all while I stand there in the middle of the set, motionless amidst the flurry of the exhibit the day before the first opening.

A few hours later most of the staff have gone home, leaving just Colin and Phil to finish up.

'Okay James, this is your first opportunity to stretch so make the most of it, considering the equipiment used on you and in you, plus everything around you, plus all the effort all the poeple you've watched working today I hope you don't ruin it for yourself, just remember that even if you wanted to you couldn't escape that suit.'  Phil tells me in a stern voice, and holds up the remote before pushing a button which releases the clamps holding the suit in position.

I almost fall over, realising the weight of the suit again as it has now been over 24 hours since I have had to support myself and the armour cladding my entire body rather than it holding me firmly in place.

It feels good to move. All I want to do is stretch in every direction, but Phil quickly guides me off the pedestal and to an open area of the unit. He removes the pack on my back, replacing it with another one, filled with fresh nutrients and I'm assuming nitrous and poppers too.

I get fed some more nutrient drink and allowed to lay down for a while, free to move and wander about with some guidance.

After half an hour of not standing still, Phil's voice crackles into my ears and I am told to return to my position.  I duly oblige as I feel good enough to do another 24 hours now, I feel well cared for at this stage and really can't wait to shoot my load at the end....I hope.


My vision goes black once more and I detect the nitrous once more and I drift off, dreaming about being on an alien world, anal probes and bursts of light.

I recognise my alarm call once again as my vision returns. I see people I don't recognise staring at me and taking pictures.  I realise the exhibit is open and my realisation is that this is the first day, yet Phil said it was open for....another five days!!  That's a whole week I'll be in this thing, a week of constant arousal, my balls are going to explode!

The day continues, hundreds of faces staring at me, some drooling over the exhibit, some taking pictures, videos, and some even drawing pictures. One guy even sets an easel up and does an oil painting of the group. I can feel every single eye looking at me, keeping me horny as they don’t know what is in front of them.

Surely some of them must know?  Some of them must have a twisted enough of an imagination to know I am trapped in this suit?  All pointless questions because all I can do is look at them, though none will be able to see me peering out even shining lights into my visor would reveal no persons within.

There are some really cute guys coming to this exhibit; the games expo in the other section of the Museum encourages other guys in gear to wander in too, some of them have suits which look very similar and they pose with me and my motionless buddies.

The group in the imitation armour approach security, who then attract Phil who's off working to one side and after some talking and looking over at the display I’m part of they get their wish to stand behind the velvet ropes and have their pictures taken.  Little do they know how Phil’s really looking at them.

Later on in the day once the exhibit has closed, a curtain is drawn over the front of the exhibit and Phil allows me to have a break once again, swapping out my pack again and feeding me some nutrients.

My days repeat over and over again with the only difference being the faces blurring into generic ‘cute’ ‘ugly’ ‘female’ ‘child’ or ‘old’.  Getting used to the same routine, the pattern of electro, poppers, anal and bladder flushes, tube feeding and breath control keeping me on the verge of an orgasmic chasm I’m desperate to just fall into like an abyss of comforting pleasure only my mind in this state could wish for.

On the morning of what I assume is the Friday, I’m allowed to move amongst the crowd and pose with people on the condition that my hands are locked onto the gun.

All day people in the exhibit are asking me 'aren't you hot in that suit?' to which Phil replies on my behalf through a speaker in his sexy American accent 'yeah, sure but I've been sealed in this suit and can't get out' or 'no I wear this all day and it's like my second skin' to which most people grin or look awkwardly at me.

I enjoy the final day as it’s was a break from the electro and the constant barrage of poppers and piss recycling.

I still have all the tubes inserted and once the exhibit closes, I’m hoping for release.


Phil hits the freeze button once the doors closed, and then tells me ‘I’ve got some gearhead mates to come and visit us and are bringing their friends to meet me and also you and Colin.  Your ordeal is far from over and you will finally get to cum provided you are a successful exhibit for my fetish party too!’

I’m then unfrozen and led back to my position on the stage, repositioned and refrozen and my visor blacked out once more. 

This time though I’m not afforded the luxury of being knocked out.  I can hear crowds of men gathering and laughing and some wuffing and screams of guys in pain later on.  Hours seem to pass with me being deprived of my sight and I wonder if the nitrous supply has malfunctioned.

After a few hours I can detect bodies close to me and my vision is returned to me.  My view is filled with rows and rows of fully clad rubber, leather and gear-pervs of all sorts filling the room in front of me.

All are facing me and seem to be expecting some sort of show.

Some guys seem to be looking past me, whilst others are visibly drooling and staring at all the mannequins on the set.

At this point, my viewpoint changes to what I now find out is being shown to the whole group on a projector screen behind me....my whole adventure on film capturing every important detail of my transformation all shown behind me on a large projected screen whilst I stand front and centre like the pride of the fleet.  Then an overall view of the room is shown to me as it stands that night with the Space armoured guys including me standing in the middle.

The screen fades to black once more, and I assume I’m being blinded again when some graphics come onto the screen.





My heart rate peaks at 70bpm signifing some mild attraction to the idea but I've already been denied orgasm for almost a week, so keeping calm so that isn't chosen is a good idea.
My heart rate rising to 86bpm now simply because I'm desperate to cum, haven’t had any electro for a day now so that will feel different again and hopfully enough to make me explode.
This sounds good to me!  Heart rate 92bpm
Heart rate going to over 110bpm and rapid breathing now, I want that so badly but have no choice, they will know I want it and god help me if they all vote for it.

Lots of flashing graphics on the screen go all over the screen, the computer collecting and collating the results making my eyes hurt, but with no escape from the visuals means I have to watch.






With the news comes a huge cheer from the crowd. As my vision is blacked out, I'm fed my own piss and set on the program.  My cock is released from its prison and allowed to finally stand upright for a change.

No relief yet though, as nothing touches my cock and I'm kept on an even keel, never allowed to reach climax, the heart rate monitors keeping that orgasm bubbling away.

12 hours of this I'm going to go fucking stir crazy!!  The vibration in my ass and down my cock making me feel every millimetre of the catheter, the buttplug shrinks and expands and then more cum control I get no rest this time, I feel like every atom of me is being fucked, including the parts that only exist as electrons and thoughts, mindfucked, buttfucked, cock internally fucked, body fucked, totally controlled and denied orgasm.

After what must have been hours of torment my vision is returned and I see the party is still going on but most have started relaxing, god knows how many hours I've been kept like this now and I feel totally drained.  I want to cum more badly then I have ever felt my entire life.  If I could do anything to shoot my load right now I would, but I'm trapped and unable to move or even make a choice.

I suddenly feel a different kind of vibration in my arse and down my cock, my first 12 hours are up!  I'm gonna fucking cum!! YEAH! FUCK FUCK FUCK

Suddenly I feel revitalised by this torturous signal, unable to control my urges being controlled so efficiently, the whole group are gathering again for my first shot of the new evening.

The program resets and begins slowly, my breathing constricted, allowing very little air into my lungs. Then no air at all as the electro begins its cycle once more: the last cycle not being enough to get me to cum but enough to signal to me that the next stage has started.

I suddenly feel the weight of the armour on my arms and I can move, but still no air.

Air then re enters my system again, filled heavily with poppers and then Colin's voice appears in my head 'Lift your arms up and out pup, you know you want to be spread eagled for the rest of your time' so I lift my arms, gun overhead, hands still locked in position, and spread my legs and then I feel my body lock rigid.

The electro goes up a notch as I begin to feel dizzy from all the poppers.  Nitrous is introduced and the electro is knocked up another level, then another and I'm screaming in my head for release when my air is stopped once more, I start to feel dizzy but I know I can't fall over, trapped, compressed by rubber over every single inch of my body, a huge plug growing in my ass to enormous proportions whilst zapping my arse with electricity higher than any level I've managed before, high on poppers and nitrous, catheterised cock, balls being tugged and now NO AIR I CANNN’T OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH OH MY FUCKING HELL ARGHHHHHHH FUUUUUUCCKKK! I see stars flutter in my sight and I feel like my whole being has exploded in a fury of light and pleasurable energy.

As I regain air into my lungs, I can hear the crowd’s cheers dying down, I must have passed out as I was orgasming, shooting hot jets of spunk into my sheath, enough to squirt some out of the hole the catheter travels through.

I feel the electro begin again softly and the cycle begins yet again, this truly is a fucking milking!  Relentless and unable to stop it, can’t complain, can’t change the outcome, can’t make a choice for myself, forced to cum again and again.

The cycle continues relentlessly again and again, and I end up shooting my load every hour for the next 12 hours, I feel every single pulse of the electro, each time getting stronger and harder to resist, and with every moment I'm totally enslaved to this suit, its controller and the audience who grow thinner over time.

I relax after my twelfth orgasm and begin to float off as exhausted into a state of peace and I realise it's all over, my enforced endurance of full rubber, plugged, gagged, plumbed up, zapped, breath controlled and gassed in varying combinations in conjunction with some exhibitionism and some ultimate fantasies....at which point I feel a shiver run down my spine.

Ultimate fantasies I remember that one last thing.....the piercing, my memento of the whole thing.


My vision flips to the view of me from ground level amongst the crowd. Someone is wearing the glasses and is going to give me a good view.

I see hands going into surgical latex gloves, I see the tattooed arms they belong to on the body approaching me standing like I'm mid big hug/star-jump, tubed up black rubber cock poking out for anyone to abuse freely, balls encircled by shiny steel rings dangling below and several wires and more tubes sprouting from my groin area.

The rubber sheath is pulled unceremoniously from my cock which allows the cum I’ve shot out of my loaded balls for the last 12 hours to splat of the floor beneath my motionless feet.

The glasses wearer looks up at me and the screen behind me has my heart rate visible again on the projector screen.

He takes an empty syringe and empties the saline filled balloon in my bladder to release the catheter.

The sensitivity of my cock is greater than it ever has been at this stage of catheterisation, and I notice how swollen and red, purple and veiny my cock looks, still thobbing and horny. I can't believe I've still got a hard-on.

The catheter starts being pulled out slowly, much slower than I want. I just want the thing out of me, but it's being removed slowly, the guy who's hands I can see doing it are going slow on purpose knowing that I'm in a place of submission that I just have to take the punishment he's dealing out.

Finally the end of the catheter appears and it is followed by a little dribble of piss and cum.

I'm left for a little while whilst the man I'm viewing with tidies up, after scrubbing his hands he pulls on some clean gloves and prepares the needles and rings for my cock.

Hang on....there's TWO rings the same size on that little tray.

The man looks up to see my heart rate has jumped up again at the realisation of what is about to happen and wheels the trolley over to me.

Expertly, he swabs my still rigid cock and inserts the receiving tube.

The piercing needle is picked up and with that my heart rate jumps again as my vision goes to black.

I then feel the needle going through the skin, a sharp and intense pain going right through the tip of my most sensitive organ.

My vision returns again and I see my still throbbing but slightly bloody cock with a needle in it.

The ring then gets threaded onto the end of the needle and is then pulled through the opening which I'm allowed to see happening in real time and boy do I REALLY feel it this time, the pain sending me over the edge I see stars and the result being my cock shooting a dribble of cum out as the ring is fully closed up.

The cum is then wiped away and another receiving tube picked up, inserted into my urethra and the needle pushed through on the other side of my banjo string.  Again that intense pain as the metal of the needle seems to brush against every single one of my most sensitive of nerves in the end of my penis.

Another ring is threaded onto the needle and yet again I shoot my load over the piercer’s gloved hands covering them with spunk!  Never have I cum so many times in one day, let alone twice in the space of a minute!

Antiseptic wipes wipe away the excess blood and I feel it sting all over again.

The guy looks me up and down and lingers on my newly ringed cock, to which I respond with a few purposeful throbs, which is all I can say to the man as a thank you.

The night draws to a close as I'm left to endure the new rings in my cock, kept in my suit but allowed to move; kept from touching my cock because my hands are still locked to the Laser gun.

As the final guests leave, Phil and Colin look at each other, smile then turn to me.

'See you in the morning pup' as Colin pushes the freeze button, I'm forced to endure the pain in my cock, the plug still up my arse, the rubber covering almost every single inch of my body still compressing and keeping me from moving all except my newly ringed cock free to breathe fresh air and hang there lonely whilst the rest of my body endures the bondage.

Trapped in this suit for another night, I detect the faint aroma of nitrous once more and as the echoing in my ears rings me to sleep I feel some joy that the gas is taking some of my pain too.

I awake for a change not by the electro plug in my arse, or the jolt of pain in my cock, or the constricting confinement of the suit, but the sunlight coming through the hotel window and the warm breeze on my naked chest.

I was taken out of the suit whilst unconscious and allowed to sleep naturally, my cock wrapped in gauze I was left to sleep and recuperate....sadly I lost a day recovering from my week in that suit, but I have vivid memories from that time in my head....and of course all the pictures that will appear online not just from perverts at the Friday/Saturday party, but Game expo goers and general public lucky enough to have a picture taken with me the previous weekend......and then there was the video, which for the majority the time my face wasn't seen so I allowed it to be edited and released.

My hubby comes into the room and sees I'm awake and kneels beside me and kisses me gently for the first time on the lips in over a week.  The love I have for him, making this come true is beyond reproach, I feel so lucky to have experienced that.

I will miss that suit though.